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For a limited time, we are offering the opportunity of taking one group class and one private lesson at the cost of a private lesson alone! Trying one of each is the best way to begin your training path.

Benefits of Studying with Krav Maga Experts

* Learn Krav Maga training directly from an expert instructor.
* Get more individual attention to help you progress faster.
* Learn advanced tactics and techniques tailored to your needs.
* Our Krav Maga classes also include fitness training and workout sessions.
* Get a customized training program to help you get the results you want.
* The sessions always fit your schedule!

Why Private Krav Maga Training?
Make a commitment to yourself; you deserve it. Make a commitment to improve your technique and get fit, to design your own workout schedule and to develop your skills with an expert instructor at your own pace. During private Krav Maga lessons, the focus is solely on you and what you can to achieve from a single session or a series of classes.

Some people don’t feel comfortable working out with a group. Others feel they would benefit from more personal attention to make the most of their potential skills. Our private Krav Maga lessons are specially designed to help you improve in the fastest way.