VIP Protection


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This course offers an intensive VIP protection training to corporate firms, dignitary protection units and others who wish to gain high skills in close protection. With vast experience as dignitary agents, our instructors bring well planned VIP protection training programs using their real-life experience in one of the most challenging arenas around the world. Our VIP protection courses share the founding stones of the close protection doctrine developed in Israel during the last three decades.

Nowadays, business executives, company owners and dignitaries in the privet and public sectors are exposed to an ever growing threats such as extortion, kidnapping, physical threats and more. As a response to those ever growing threats the need for bodyguards and dignitary protection units became a necessary tool to maintain a safe and secure life routine.

The VIP protection course is designed to provide theoretical, practical and operational skills required to maintain high level of close protection. The VIP protection course includes number of main subjects such as:

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Krav Maga) Principles of attack and defense, weak points, hand and leg attacks, counter techniques against unarmed attacks, counter techniques against armed attacks with various weapons; knife, stick, axe, counter techniques against weapons threats, counter techniques against chocks and grips, suspect searching techniques, disarming weapons and neutralization techniques, realistic scenarios, under stress drills, Krav Maga in close protection, moving from Krav Maga techniques to weapon response, and more.
  • Lectures Introduction to close protection, principles of security, operational security planning, threats identification, security sweeps, intelligence gathering, modern terrorism, and more.
  • Close Protection Tactics Tactical work as single bodyguard, per of bodyguards and a team, close protection during movement on foot or with vehicles, close protection during public events, and more.
  • Tactical Drills Reality based tactical drills which include a large number of scenarios that will test the knowledge earned during training while combining all combat components such as close protection, Krav Maga, weapons, tactical movements and more, all in order to simulate reality at the max.

* This course may include a variety of advanced close protection training materials according to the specific analysis of the participant’s needs and operational reality.

*Krav Maga Experts’ certifications will be issued at the end of the course.

* Number of participants if limited, registration in advance is required.