Tailored Courses

Our custom-training service is offered to both groups and individuals. People who want to invest time in intensive training in order to optimize their skill set or improve their abilities by emphasizing specific areas find that our tailored programs meet their needs and take them to the next level of their training. We also provide ongoing courses and one-time workshops for groups.

Private Individual & Small Group Courses

These courses are aimed at individuals or groups who want to learn self-defense or improve their skills quickly. A qualified expert instructor will make a full assessment of your current abilities and design a program that will be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Often, people choose to train with their partners or friends in a relaxed environment. By training with a partner in a private course, the instructor has a greater ability to check and monitor your progress. It is recommended to train in pairs.

Company Employers

We offer class packages used to train employees on how to identify and avoid aggressive behavior. Keep your employees safe and happy buy giving them a fun, team-building workshop, where they learn how to keep safe and help others if needed.


Amongst our clients you can find policemen, prison guards, security personnel, paramedics, doormen, school teachers, taxi drivers, bar tenders, waitresses, social workers, nurses, and more.

Course Content

  • Lifesaving tactics and techniques from the most advanced reality based self-defense system in the world; Krav Maga.
  • Combat conditioning to get into shape, improve your fitness level and learn to respond under physical pressure.
  • Mental training to overcome fear and improve your self-esteem, self-confidence and your reactions under psychological pressure.
  • Advanced self-defense techniques.
  • Cardio exercise, body strengthening and toning.

The Benefits of Tailored Training

  • Learn directly from expert instructors about advanced tactics and techniques tailored to your needs.
  • Get maximum individual attention through a customized training program to enable faster progress.