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NYC Krav Maga for kids at Krav Maga Experts is a fantastic way to improve your child’s self-esteem, fitness, respect for others- and of course, safety! Our kids martial arts classes employ Krav Maga’s trademark practical defense techniques, with a curriculum tailored towards children aged 5-12. No other self defense for kids is as effective as Krav Maga for encouraging health, confidence, self-discipline and behavioral issues. With methods that encourage confidence, patience, and reasoning over the unnecessary use of force, Krav Maga Experts classes and summer camp programs are ideal for children.

7.27.2015 – 7.31.2015
8.17.2015 – 8.21.2015
250 West 100 St NYC

Kids Martial Arts Summer Camp

Krav Maga Experts offers kids martial arts classes year round, as well as a specialized summer camp program. Our camp courses are designed for students in specific age groups, taking into account their motor skills, physique, cognition, and other developmental milestones. Each class included in our camp packages suits the relevant traits of campers from specific age groups, so that your child can get the most out of his or her summer experience and carry his or her learning into the fall!

Self Defense for Kids this Summer

Our self defense for kids camp embraces the core principles of Krav Maga; that street altercations have no rules, that awareness and avoidance are keys to protecting oneself, and that safety and intuition are more valuable than escalating violence. Our experienced instructors teach students to respect others while using repetitive learning techniques that heighten focus and encourage perseverance over the summer and beyond. From bullying conflicts to fires and other situations that require on-the-spot decision-making abilities, the teachings of Krav Maga prepare children to rationalize in the real world- and excel in it, too.

On the street or in the classroom, camp packages at Krav Maga Experts are a great way to keep your child focused, confident, and safe. Take advantage of our offered courses and early bird discounts by signing up for IKMNY summer camp today!