Gabi Noah

Gabi Noah was born in Syria in 1964. He immigrated to Israel in 1979 and started practicing the Krav Maga method under coach Rafi Algrisi. Two years later, he began to train under Eli Avigezer and Imi Sede-Or; Lichtenfeld, the founders of Krav Maga.

In 1982, he successfully finished the trainer assistant course, certificated by the Krav Maga Union. In 1984, he successfully passed the Krav Maga trainers course, certificated by the Wingate Institute, Israel. He also passed the test to obtain a black belt; Dan 1, which was approved and signed by Imi Sede-Or and Eli Avigezer.

In 1985, Gabi joined the Israeli army (IDF) and graduated the following courses:

  • Sergeant of combat capacity and a trainer.
  • Trainer and operator of fitness gym.
  • Krav Maga coach.

During his military service, he served as a senior coach in courses for Krav Maga trainers and other courses of Krav Maga in the school of combat capacity. In the army, Gabi trained several units, amongst them also elite units such as commando, infantries and special units of the border guards. His primary occupation in the army was to coach military Krav Maga trainers, an occupation which he attained during his reserve service.

In 1988, Gabi completed his duty of service and subsequently opened a Krav-Maga institute in Netanya in which he began to coach. At the same time he was trained by Eyal Yanilov and was considered to be his senior student. During this period Imi Sede-Or also trained him.

In 1995, together with Eyal Yanilov, Avi Moyal, Eli Ben-Ami and with the blessing of Imi Sede-Or, Gabi established the International Federation of Krav Maga.

Gabi is responsible for both the professional and the administrative sectors of the IKMF. He also provides professional support for trainers of the federation in Israel and abroad. He is responsible for several countries such as; France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, South America and more. Today, Gabi’s institute in Netanya is the International Centre of the Krav Maga Federation.

Over the years, Gabi has coached in several institutions such as schools, police units, security units, prisons and so on. He coaches civilians in all age groups; children, women and men. He also coaches fighters and officers in different governmental units in Israel and around the world. Gabi has a master rank from the International Federation of Krav Maga.