Krav Maga Experts

Multiple Locations! Upper East, Upper West & Union Square! Sign-up for classes in advance. We get full quickly.

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Private Krav Maga Training

Get the fastest results in the shortest time. Our private Krav Maga lessons are specially designed to meet your needs & help you improve, at your pace.

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Krav Maga for Women

The only Krav Maga school in NYC with a developed self defense program for women only! Self defense NYC classes will teach you how to protect yourself and your loved ones!

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Krav Maga for Kids

Youth self defense classes at both Union Square and Upper West Side locations

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Police, Security & Military

Self defense training for security professionals, law enforcement and military.

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At Krav Maga Experts you will gain the exclusive opportunity to acquire self-defense skills in a safe and supportive learning...

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Whether threats from adults, bullying, fire safety, or street safety, kids will develop an increased awareness that...

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All of our Combat Training courses include necessary components in order to develop high combat skills and...

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Krav Maga NYC Training Programs

The goal of our self defense classes is to keep you safe, secure, and protected when facing dangerous situations. We believe that acquiring the skill to defend one’s self through Krav Maga self defense classes will help save lives and prevent injury. Our Krav Maga NYC classes are aimed towards those who want to take control of their lives and gain the combat skills necessary to handle any violent situations that may occur.

Our private sessions, fitness training, kids Krav Maga, and women’s self defense classes will teach you the skills you need to avoid dangerous situations.

Krav Maga NYC Training Tactics Used by the Israeli Defense Forces

Our self defense classes NYC offer Krav Maga training programs and is an amazing exercise in preparing the human body and mind to instinctively know what to do, how to react, and how to protect yourself in any situation. The classes are safe even for young kids, and we continually run summer camp activities and classes.

For women, Krav Maga NYC may not only be a fun class to attend, but a necessity; Krav Maga Experts offers specific classes just for women to learn the proper techniques to control their surroundings with instinctual reaction.